Forgiveness is for you!

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Forgiveness is an action we take when we stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for something they did to us or a mistake they made. Forgiveness is for you not the other person. If you feel angry or resentful you have to forgive to stop feeling that way. A lot of times people want to feel that way because they think the other person can feel it but that is not true. Other people can not experience your feelings. If you think not forgiving them is somehow hurting them and making you feel better that simply is not true. Actually it is hurting you not them. To forgive someone you must change how you feel. Stop feeling angry and resentful. Your probably thinking easier said then done right?
Here is a little secret all of our feelings are caused by what we are thinking. Your thoughts create your feelings. If you are feeling resentment and anger change what your are thinking about that person or even about yourself. Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves also.
Forgiveness is about how you feel not how you act. There is a difference. Just because you act nice towards someone and tell them that you forgive them doesn’t mean that you have if you still feel angry and resentful towards them. You will know when you have truly forgiven someone based on the way you feel towards them. You can still have boundaries in place you just let go of the negative feelings.
Remember forgiveness for you not the other person!

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